Wednesday, 20 September 2017

HRMS Software

As by the name it is cleared, Human Resource Management Software deals with resources required to run a company. Usually, human resource is also known as a workforce. Managing workforce is quite necessary for a company so that it can run smoothly. This software works in a versatile way and accomplishes numerous tasks such as payroll, performance review of employees, recruitment, electronic database, and marking attendance of employees.

GA Technocare Technology is a leading software company that provides proficient Human Resource Management Software that is able to perform even more tasks. It assists you in organizing your company effortlessly and takes your company a step closer to e-governance that does not only save your valuable time but a significant amount too. By using this software, you save money that could be spent over buying pin, pen, staplers, papers, folders, and shelves.

HRMS Software keeps employee information on a centralized server from where you can access needed details anytime quickly. Creating payroll is easy by this software. The automated feature of creating payroll keeps you out of the depression that you feel while rushing after attendance and leaves of employees. It stores every information of employee such that address, history, task, designation, skill, and performance that enables you in knowing your staff better.

If you want to get a rapid growth by your company, you should try once HRMS Software provided by GATT. The key feature of this software is your data remain secure over the server as it keeps data in an encrypted form.

Friday, 7 July 2017

RPO is an abbreviation for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in which an external company hires employees on behalf of the employers. There are many Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies in India but the GA Technocare Technology provides the best employee for your organization. Our team is highly qualified and works very hard to provide the right employee to you.

Your organization might be involved in accomplishing its services and targets. Chances are, your organization has a lack of time to spend on recruiting candidates. In such a situation, RPO service provider becomes necessary for you. Choosing the best RPO service provider might be difficult for you but we are here to save your time by showing the instant and hassle-free solution. We are a Noida based Leading RPO Service Provider Company.

We are a global recruiter team. We operate across many countries for an established network of potential candidates. Among the crowd, we identify the right candidate for your open positions because only the right candidate can lead your organization to a new level. We possess proven experience across multiple major industries that make us unique among the recruitment process outsourcing companies in India.

We believe that the business excels if secured with the best brains. We work towards providing you the best resources for your organizations. Contact GATT for recruitment process outsourcing services for your organization. Our hard working team will be glad to assist you.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Developing ideal software is not easy that often than we think. There are abundance of things, which need to be considered before designing a software. Thus, Software Development Company, GA Technocare Technology invites you to unearth your needs and requirements with us regarding software development. The company is Specialised in web design, web development, web application development, mobile app development, software product development, e-commerce development, cloud consulting, logo design, ERP, etc. To implement these tasks, the company has set up an enthusiastic team of developers who claims to justify your needs.

Software Development Company in Noida

In the recent years, Software Development Company, GA Technocare Technology has extended its wing in offering CRM software, Clinic Management Software (CMS), and Document Management System Software (DMS). App development is also in current trend. App is considered as backbone for any online business as it becomes easy to operate, and easy to get familiar with the company’s product and services. 

Building online presence is inevitable in this digital world. No matter what sort of business you run, your website strongly represents your company and its services. An ideal website must be a meaningful, unique and informative, which can justify your business image. 

This is a result of our collective effort that our company has created a long list of happy clients. We not only provide the software but also retain clients. Every time our developers deliver best products by making use of their enriched experience. Being a responsible Web Development Company, GATT collaborates with clients to understand the actual needs of clients. The company offers exceptional customer service to ease up customers’ needs. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Open-source document management system software is used to store and manage business information digitally. Since it has been introduced in organizations, it has streamlined the day to day activities of companies. It incorporates data flow, distribution and data orientation. Organizations who have vast documentation work can now digitalize work with use of this software.

As we know, keeping document in paper form is always inconvenient. Data in paper form occupies huge physical space, which is the biggest drawback of it. Users who want to vanish the use of paper can consider this software. Online document management system has come up as an excellent replacement of data in paper form. It is an appropriate software for small businesses who do not have enough physical space. It is not only better in terms of space, it is useful for companies in numbers of ways. Consequently, it centralizes the entire organisation data at one place on its database. This is a cloud-based system that ensures the safety of data.

document management software

Document management system allows associate departments to find access to information at one point of time. This standalone software provides security and complete access control to administrators. In addition, it has calibre to deal with increasing size of data with time. From business perspective, it eases management to make optimum use of resources. Operational cost reduces and productivity increases by using Document management system.

Developer’s team of GA Technocare Technology has configured this software. If you want us to design document management system software according of your organisational needs, then kindly have a direct word with our developer’s team, who understands your specific needs and requirements with online document management system.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Hospital management system is synonymous to hospital e-governance measures that allow hospitals to run paperless and help build better financial controls. It includes clinical and back office activities to make a fundamental difference felt. Hospital operations get eased up due to the installation of this software. It integrates entire resources of a hospital and brings them under one software application.

This solution is world class and it offers all dynamism to bring in smooth functioning of clinics and sound management of hospitals. This is actually a patient centric mechanism. With the hospital management system software, professionals gain the capability to handle outpatients, admitted patients, emergencies, day care and other patient cases. Full web based healthcare solutions are made available along with mobile friendly features. That is why patients and doctors can be easily updated about appointments and changes in timings though SMS and emails.

Hospital Management System

The software is built with the capability to handle patient’s decisions and issues, if any. Doctors and patients are entangled with a finesse with the help of this clinical management system. It is done in a way that both sides remain satisfied while clinical operations remain fulfilled.

It offers world class solutions and its exceptional capabilities bring satisfaction to patients and physicians. Referred patients, emergency cases can also be dealt with urgencies and people get the best service possible. This software works with all sophistication. It helps patients to find care and delivers best results to admitted patients. Doctors who are kept in charge of a clinic also derive satisfaction.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Excessive work at workstation leads to a big reason for stress among employee of human resource department. If it is documentation work, then problem seems more complex. To simplify this work, GA Technocare Technology has arrived with HRMS software which stands as Human resource management system software. Moreover, it has emerged as biggest initiative of developers in terms of digitalizing HR department.

This advanced software has bought revolution in human resource industry. Basically, it is used to keep track record of company’s employee data from joining to resignation in its database which empowers HR personnel to access its employee history. The employee details can be in form of employee address, payroll information, tax deduction, etc. As we know, Payroll system is a complex subject but Human resource management system easily manages the payroll system. It has automated entire payroll system.

Human resource management system

There are many aspects of this software which helps HR department in its functioning that includes training, recruitment, employee self-service, performance evolution, employee benefits, etc. It also helps to keep track record of employee attendance and leave. 

As a cloud-based system, it facilitates employees to makes changes in its personal information. Moreover, employee can send their grievances via this software. Later, HR can easily access the status of grievances. Even, employee can directly submit their resignation via this software if needed.  In this software, information remains safe in event of network failure and system crashes.

With advent of Human Resource Management System Software, communication process has improved in organizations. Associate departments can easily coordinate with HR department regarding employee information. Managers can contact with their employee at point of time.  Hence, if you are looking for such sort of software, then head to GATT.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The fact that customers are very important for a business so to develop better relations with your customers this software becomes an ideal need. The customer relation management system helps an organization better deal with their customers and take wise steps so that it never loses on the number of customers coming on to them. This software has the alacrity to reach out to customers in any part of the world. So, a business never loses on its customer base.

Customer relationship system is a powerful CRM tool to help manage leads, contacts, and all details of customers coming to an organization. This software helps to organize partners, vendors and suppliers too. The user can have an entire email history, events, and background. Therefore, it becomes possible to get a complete log of details and to track on customers coming to a website.

Customer relationship system

To get a complete overview of a business, its progress, and number of customers coming to it, this tool is really advantageous. The CRM software has the power to delve in a system and maintain its own database where all details about customers can be kept safe. This tool is created with all sophistication and is made feature-rich so as to help it function better in keeping details about all customers visiting an organization and availing its services.

GA Technocare Technology has come up with this software and it urges entrepreneurs to get this tool installed in their organizations. With its aid, it becomes possible to keep a tab on all customers coming to them and seeking their services.