Wednesday, 22 November 2017

ERP Service consists beneficial features required to run a company magnificently. It provides a full control on company by tracking stocks, managing human resources, sales, resolving customer queries, creating payroll, and storing documents. To ease the management and administration of company, GA Technocare Technology offers ERP Software at budget cost for every business.

The best enterprise resource planning software is known prominently for the feature of tracking stocks within the company. This feature ensures an uninterrupted supply of the required material to prevent discontinuity of the services provided by company. By managing the workforce, it ensures to keep its availability maintained so that the company does not run out of staff.

ERP Software

ERP Management Software is an ultimate utility that stores customers’ information on a common server including all interactions with the customers made via emails and phone calls. This feature allows tracking the queries of customers. In case of any unattended query, the company marks it and resolves it as soon as possible. This activity brings a better service to the troubled customers.

All the documents of company are kept stored safely by this software on the same centralized server so that all the data of company can stay available in the same place to access required data instantly. DMS Software proves to be quite cost-effective and saves a significant physical space too by storing documents digitally. Considering benefit, this software is a must-have tool for every growing company.

Monday, 20 November 2017

CRM Software works towards creating a better relationship with existing customers. To complete this objective, this software creates a database to store employees’ details such as contact information and interactions made between the company and customers through emails or phone records. By going through interactions, the company knows issue of troubled customer and resolves it by contacting. The whole process assists in providing a satisfactory service to customers that is the first step of a better relationship.
CRM Software keeps data on a centralized server from where an authorized user can access them anytime from anywhere. As this software stores data digitally, saves a lot of physical space that could be occupied by shelves. It saves the wastage of stationery items too such as pen, pin, folder, and stapler.

Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology offers magnificent CRM Software in Noida that works amazingly to strengthen the relationship with customers. It assists in tracking sales, deals, quotations, and purchases too. By these data, the company gets an instant insight into its financial stability. This information assists in making a decision for the betterment of company.
GATT provides CRM Software in Noida for every type of business either small or large-sized. By using this application it becomes really easier to manage customers. The stored contact details assist at the time of launch of new product. The company can contact customers with the help of contact details to introduce a new product.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Every organisation has its specific business needs that cannot be fulfilled by a readymade software. Here the role of Custom Software Development Company gets bigger and significant. GA Technocare Technology is one such company that caters to specific needs of companies. Readymade software is a thing of gone days. Rapidly changing business needs have encouraged the worldwide developers to look for better solution. At the end, custom software has emerged as the best alternative. 

When it comes to the best Software development company in Noida, GATT remains on top by offering custom software development services to multiple clients. A highly skilled team of developers is a reason behind the success of company. Web-development, web-design, mobile app development, are e-commerce development are the top software development services that the company offers to clients.

Certainly, a website represents company over internet. But, applications have become the best way to reach out the customer. Having a website is good but having application can add value to the business. As everyone carries cell phone, it becomes a faster way to showcase your products and services to customers. 

Custom software can be adjusted in your budget because its entire development is based on your specific needs. Our company enables you to express your personal ideas, which also can be implemented. In terms of security and flexibility, custom software remains the best option. As there are plethora of companies existed in the market which provide software development services, it’s not easy to choose the best one. But considering above mentioned advantages, GATT is certainly is the best one.  The company invites startups that want to grow rapidly in this competitive world. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

CRM Software
Definitely, the merge of technology with industrial activities has brought new opportunities for everyone. Along with being a cost-effective way to manage tasks, it ensures completion of activities without making any error. In this row, CRM Management Software ensures a seamless way of improving the relationship between the company and its customers.

This software is purely dedicated to the betterment of company by tracking customers. CRM tracking Software stores every single information of customers on a common server that ensures instant access to the data of customers by any employee. It does not save the time of organization only but enhances the productivity too.

Customer CRM Software tracks sales, deals, orders, quotations, and purchases to provide an instant insight into the financial activities. This feature gives an idea about the real-time status of company and assists in making a decision or evaluating a strategy. By tracking these elements the company gets the result instantly after applying a new strategy. The growth in sales represents a better business. This encourages good steps by the company.

As Best CRM Software stores data online ensures an error-free supply of required data and saves a lot of physical space that could be occupied by shelves and document folders. The required data can be accessed instantly by users after providing credentials. This feature guarantees the security of data stored. As it tracks interactions with customers, the company marks unattended queries and resolves as soon as possible and this feature assists in providing a better service to the troubled or information seeking customers.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

HRMS System

People who play a principal role in establishment of any business should be taken care. HR personnel are some of them who recruit a team of required professionals for the company. GA Technocare Technology has designed the Human Resource Management Software, where you can manage the recruitment activities in more efficient way digitally. This software contains an encrypted database, where one can record every small detail from candidate search to candidate selection. 

Besides recruitment, HRMS software also performs payroll activities that is a most complex activities on HR front. Payroll includes complex calculations that often perplex the employee. This software automatically carries out the payroll activities without any error so that employee can get appropriate salaries and reimbursements on time. As the employee are the pillar of any company, it becomes essential to foster the good relationships with employees on personal and professional level.

A good and healthy relation with the employees are the key for the company to be a successful. Thus, GATT has paid a special attention by considering every aspect of employees and HR needs. This is why, you find this software a full-fledged software that can easily carry out the various critical functions of HR departments including Employee Self-Service, Performance Reviews, Benefits Administration, and leave & attendance management. 

Needless to say, Human Resource Management Software has emerged as the best associate of HR manager that has eased the work to a great extent. Using this software system, HR manager can keep an eye on each employee so that grievances can be resolved as fast as possible. 
The expanding volume of business documents creates massive chaos in organisation among the employees. This is the biggest cause of the arrival of Document Management Software. As the technology has played a vital role in reducing the human effort, this software system is the perfect example of it. 

Earlier, people who were compelled to record the expanding backlog of documents in form of paper-based records can now digitalise the documents using File Management System Software offered by GATT. This software system has not only vanished the use of paper-based records but it has saved huge physical space, which was occupied by the paper-based records. Likewise, it has reduced the overhead costs which were spent on those records. 

Simply, it has digitalised the documents by keeping them on its centralised database. This database is a customised database. So, it can be expanded with the expanding volume of documents with passing years. In order to provide remote access to documents, GATT has provided a cloud-storage so that documents can be accessed whenever it is needed. Before beginning its development process, the company analyses every aspect of clients’ needs and requirements. 

Document Input, Document Indexing, Workflow Automation, Document Search, Document Processing, and Document Security are the top features of File Management System Software. Keeping the documents in an indexed way helps to recognise the documents at the time of performing daily activities in the company. Adored with an ideal interface, its user dashboard provides you the ease of navigation. Thus, non-techno savvy user finds it easy to use.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

In order to boost business growth, having a good relationship with customers is significant. In this regard, Best CRM software has played an essential role by capturing end-to-end customer details on its encrypted database. On business front, customer is a backbone. Thus, satisfying the customers remains the top priority of any business.

Usually, thousands of customers land to get service to buy products on the company website. Handling expanding volume of customers manually is impossible in this rapid-paced world. The CRM software developed by GATT contains a common database, where one can record every customer details respectively. This helps to provide better customer service. As the customer make a call, entire customer details get reflected on the computer screen. This helps the agent to identify the actual issue of the customer. In this way, customer does not need to repeat the entire matter again and again.
On sales front, it helps sales department to generate the lead by analysing the past customer data. This lead showcases the list of potential customers which can be retained for a long time so that the more and more revenue can be generated for the company.

When it comes to other features of Sales Crm Software, then it is a customized software. It can be developed considering specific needs of the organization. As this software is a cloud-based, one can get its access from the remote location using internet-connected devices. GATT has made this software with simplicity so that it can be used hassle-free. With its integration facilities, this Top Crm Software can be integrated with existing server of the company.
HRMS system

In order to thrive the businesses at a good pace, technology plays a significant role. HRMS software is the finest example of it that has digitalised the Human resource department. This technological addition has increased the productivity by streamlining the various functions, eliminating the errors and making the data accessing easier and faster. 

Basically, it has a common database that is a backbone of entire software system where data and information can be recorded, managed and shared at any point of time. The common database contains a vast storage space that can be extended with the expanding volume of data. Here you can align the whole detail of each employee regarding employee name, address, contact number, etc. This software allows employee to manage their details by using its Employee-Self-Service feature. 

An HRMS software is incomplete without having payroll feature that allows HR manager to track time, attendance, leave, etc. In addition, it helps to calculate employee salary and reimbursement automatically. The Efficient team of software developers established by GATT has made this software more powerful and advanced, powerful in terms of data security and advance in terms of functionality. 

Employee recruitment process is one of the significant activities for HR manager. The arrival of HRMS software has simplified the recruitment process. This software helps to maintain every detail of candidate from its recruitment to resignation. Being a cloud-based system, your stored data on its common database remains safe and sound in the event of system crashes. As this software is flexible in every aspect, it can be easily integrated and implemented with the existing server of the company. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Human Resources Management Software

HRMS Software is a truly dedicated software to reduce the workload of HR department. It creates payroll automatically, manages employees’ details, and tracks employees’ skills. Nowadays, almost every organization is using such software to improve productivity in less efforts.

GA Technocare Technology
is a software development company that brings HRMS Software for small, mid, and large sized organizations at an affordable cost. This software keeps the key feature of tracking human resources within the company and assures an uninterrupted supply of required staff to prevent stopping of the company.

As Human Resources Management System Software keeps data on a common server, any authorized user can access by providing required credentials on the server. This feature ensures the security of data from theft or misuse. As this software stores, every data on server saves a big amount that could be spent on stationeries and physical space that could be occupied by gigantic shelves. Considering advantages, this software is cost-effective and time saver.

If any client needs a different Human Resources Management System Software than usual, GATT is able to provide a fully customized HRMS software. The client can ask for more additional features related to data protection or other facilities. Customized software tends to be more productive as it meets all the requirement of the user. By using this software, the company would be able to manage its workforce for the maximum output from them.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Customer Relationship Management Software is popular among businesses for its benefits. The key feature of this software is creating and managing the relationship between the company and its customers so that the company can provide satisfactory services to its customers in case of the existence of an issue.

CRM Computer Software works towards managing sales, purchases, deals, and inventories within a company. This feature provides an insight by using which the company makes decisions so that it can grow faster. With the help of this software, marketing becomes easier for a company as it keeps every single detail and feature of the company on a server from where at the time of need the data may be accessed.
As Best CRM Software stores customers’ contacts and interactions the company can contact its customers to resolve queries. The company can make a step by step interaction with customers for a better understanding. This will definitely bring a better service to the customers and consequently, the company approaches to a higher place.

GA Technocare Technology is a software development company that offers CRM Systems for small business too enriched with useful features. With the help of CRM Software, small business would be able to track financial terms and customers that will lead to a growth for sure. It can be said that this utility is a must-have tool for every business for a quicker growth.