Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Customer Relationship Management Software is popular among businesses for its benefits. The key feature of this software is creating and managing the relationship between the company and its customers so that the company can provide satisfactory services to its customers in case of the existence of an issue.

CRM Computer Software works towards managing sales, purchases, deals, and inventories within a company. This feature provides an insight by using which the company makes decisions so that it can grow faster. With the help of this software, marketing becomes easier for a company as it keeps every single detail and feature of the company on a server from where at the time of need the data may be accessed.
As Best CRM Software stores customers’ contacts and interactions the company can contact its customers to resolve queries. The company can make a step by step interaction with customers for a better understanding. This will definitely bring a better service to the customers and consequently, the company approaches to a higher place.

GA Technocare Technology is a software development company that offers CRM Systems for small business too enriched with useful features. With the help of CRM Software, small business would be able to track financial terms and customers that will lead to a growth for sure. It can be said that this utility is a must-have tool for every business for a quicker growth.
HRMS Software

The company needs required workforce all the time to run properly. An interrupted supply of workforce leads to the broken operating of the company. To assure an uninterrupted availability of human resources within a company, HRMS Software plays a significant role. This software provides all the required features and facilities that allow a proper management of employees. As this software works prominently in maintaining staff in the company, tracks the need of required employees to make sure that in time new staff can be created.

HRMS Software keeps employees’ details on a central server including academic qualifications, skills, designations, performances, attendance, and upcoming events. As this keeps every information on a common server, any authorized user or employee can access the data instantly by providing authorized credentials. It creates an information channel throughout the company.

The key feature of Human Resource Management System Software is creating an automatic payroll for its employee. This facility saves the time of HR department and consequently saves the valuable time of company too. The spared time can be used in other prominent tasks of the company and definitely that will bring more productivity to the company.

GA Technocare Technology is a software development company that delivers magnificent Human Resource Management System Software at low cost for every type of company either small, mid, or large sized. This software covers planning of future events precisely and with the help of this feature, the company can organize events more effortlessly.  

Monday, 16 October 2017

In order to represent any business on a global front, it significant to bring the things in a well-organised way. Technology has played comprehensive role in this way. When it comes to streamline and systemise the business processes of company, Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software has done a tremendous job. This innovative software integrates various business modules under one software solution, which include inventory, finance, accounting, sales, personnel, etc. 

After having long research on business and client’s needs, GA Technocare Technology has got success in crafting ERP software system that is able to carry out the needs of different business processes.  Installing separate software for every function is an old thing now. This was not indeed a cost-effective for organisation. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

On the other hand, as the ERP service software integrates various business modules, it saves the cost that spent on installing individual software. Owing to install separate software for each business module, the coordination between various departments gets worse. The ERP software brings the all business modules under one roof. By providing access key to the different authorised persons, associate departments can easily coordinate with each other. Being a cloud-based system, it eases employee to get remote access to existing information.

Coming to instant and long-term positive effect of ERP software, first, it increases the collaboration between various departments. Second, it makes the data error-free. In addition, the workflow of company consistently increases. Thus, one must configure Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the best outcome for your business. In order to configure, you need to first approach GATT that can suggest you the way to obtain this software.

The growth of a company is directly related to the relationship with its customers. A satisfied customer is supposed to stay with the company as it receives quality services. To strengthen the relationship between customer and company, GA Technocare Technology brings CRM Software that is able to deliver a way through which, the company can connect to its customers proficiently.

CRM Software is popular for its services. It stores all the information of customers in a common database of a dedicated server. The company uses this software to track its customers along with sales, deals, orders, and quotations. CRM provides an instant insight into the details of company’s financial status and assists in making a better decision by the company for its betterment.
Customer Relationship Software store customers’ and clients’ contact details so that at the time of need, the company can contact them and can communicate for the needed. Along with contact details, it stores all the interactions made between the company and its customers. This facility assists in the tracking of queries made by customers. As the company resolves the issues of customer, the customer experiences satisfaction and consequently, it leads to making the customer permanent.

Client Relationship Management Software has become an intrinsic part of every company prominently for the tracking of financial activities. GATT has created its topmost place among other CRM providers by delivering an effective CRM software at an incredibly affordable cost.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Human Resources Management Software

HRMS Software is a dedicated application to ease the working of HR department in a company. This software effortlessly creates payroll that is the key feature of it. Before the arrival of such software, managing human resources was not that easy. This software creates a common database and stores every information of employees so that can be accessed instantly at the time of need.

Being an IT company, GA Technocare Technology delivers effective Human Resources Management Software enriched with all required features at an affordable cost. This software has been designed by the skilled programmers and is able to perform any activity that comes under the HR department.

HRMS Software creates a detailed information of employees such as their academic qualification, skills, talent, individual performance, and extra-curricular activities. Information related to the performance assists at the time of promotion or appraisal. By seeing the record, the organization decides that which employee should be promoted. It helps deserving employees in getting promoted. With using its feature, employees can also update information in the database as required.

As Human Resources Management Software stores data on an electronic server, the data can be accessed anytime by the authorized users. Apart from assisting in HR department, it also helps in the administration of organization by the features of planning of directing. This software assures the execution of tasks according to the hierarchical structure of the organization.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Human Resource Management System

As by the name, it is clear that Human Resource Management Software is used to manage workforce within a company. Depending on the benefits of this software, companies are using it frequently for a better result in less time. Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology offers effective HRMS Software at an affordable cost.

Human Resource Management Software stores employees’ details such as educational qualifications, skills, performance, designations, and payrolls on a central server. This information helps at the time of promotion and appraisal of employees. This software is especially known for creating payrolls of employees. If the HR department uses this software, receives an automatically generated payroll with accuracy.

HRMS Software contains numerous features such as leave and attendance management, payroll creation, shift management, duty roster, employee skills and performance, asset management, extra-curricular management, and estimation about the hiring of future staffs. This software provides an insight into the available human resources so that HR can make an effective decision regarding complete the objective of the company in time.

GATT delivers magnificent HRMS Software for all types of business. If any organization wants a different HRMS application just because more features are needed, this company provides a customized HRMS software too. The client can get more features related to the security or server storing according to the requirement.
To run every business successfully, it is required to create a better relationship with the customers. To assist in creating a better relationship with customers, GA Technocare Technology brings an effective and proficient Customer Tracking Software that is able to track queries and purchases of any customer so that the company can manage its customers easily and can provide a better service to them.

GATT provides a Customer Relationship Software for all types of business around the world at an affordable cost. This system deals effectively if it comes to track sales, purchases, orders, and deals for the company. Considering the benefits, this system has become an inherent element of business. It assists in creating and managing inventories.

Client Relationship Manager Software provides a detailed dashboard by using which the company can manage contacts of customers and clients. This feature assures creating a way of communication between the company and customers. This activity brings a satisfactory support service to customers and it guarantees a building of trust between that is required for a better growth of company.

Being a Leading CRM Systems, it assures the execution of every feature in an error-free way. This system can be integrated easily with emails that assist in the mass mailing to different customers and clients. This provides a way to an effortless communication between. By using this system, it becomes quite easier to manage social marketing for the company.
The Best Enterprise Resource Planning software is a total package of useful software such as DMS, CRM, and HRMS. These software are required to run a business smoothly. As ERP contains numerous features, it provides options to execute different tasks altogether and assures carrying all activities effortlessly.
Using the feature of HRMS, Best enterprise resource planning software marks the presence of every employee individually to create a payroll automatically. It does track human resources within a company to ensure an uninterrupted supply of workforce so that the company can without being stopped. The CRM Feature allows in tracking customer purchases and queries so that the company can resolve issues with more satisfactory modes in order to gain the trust of its customers.

Best enterprise resource planning software
GA Technocare Technology has marked its position of the top among other ERP Solution Providers by delivering ERP Software at budget cost according to the need of clients. If any client needs an improved ERP that can perform required activity desired by the client, the company is able to provide a fully customized ERP to meet the requirement of clients. By using a customized version, the client can have more added features according to the need, for instance, related to the security or data or other activities.
A full ERP Solution Provides full control on the company and related authority of the company can make a better decision regarding the betterment of company. This software gives an insight about the company in real time.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

HRMS System

Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology brings an effective HRMS Software that is able to perform HR related tasks easily. The main feature of this software is to create payroll and mark attendance of employee within the organization. It has reduced the workload of organization to the minimum by accomplishing HR activities effortlessly.

HRMS Software stores employees’ details such as skills and performances. This feature provides the best way to track the activities of employees for a better productivity of the company. Setting up of an HRM system is quite easy and affordable that any company can afford it easily without making any extra arrangement. This is just a software to be installed on system in order to avail its facilities.

Human Resources Management Software comes with a flexible configuration that allows instant changes to the working module of software. This software stores data on a common server as master data and distributes to the users easily. ERM feature of this software enables employees to update their leaves so that an automatic payroll can be created. The company can create payroll easily on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

As Human Resources Management Software stores information digitally, chances of errors reduce to zero. The data remains same and safe as the administrator feeds. This software saves a significant physical space that could be occupied by shelves for storing offline documents. HRMS assists in creating and planning events by providing an exact estimation of expenses. Considering benefits, it has become an inherent part of any business.
Nowadays, every type of business is being operated using the effective and the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software. This software is a total package of useful features such as documentation, tracking of stocks, creating payroll, managing customer information, and balancing stocks. Considering its benefits, it has become an inherent element of every business.

Using the feature of DMS, Best enterprise resource planning software stores every detail of a business on a common electric server so that authorized users can access the required data from it anytime. This software has made the documentation easier and quicker.

Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology provides effective ERP Software and has secured a top place among other ERP Solution Providers. With the help of experts and skilled programmers, the company has created this software with more features including talent management. This feature provides an option to the business to distribute a project among the employees who can complete it more effectively. This feature assures the distribution of right project to the right employee.

ERP Solution Provides an easier way to track the queries and issues of customers and clients. By using this feature the related organization can resolve queries and issues more effectively in less time. By using the feature of an HRMS software, this software creates payroll, marks attendance, tracks employee performance, and plans an event easily. This software assists in financial accounting processes too by tracking inventories and stocks.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Trying out CRM Management Software designed by GA technocare technology is supposed to bring many positive changes in terms of increasing the work productivity of company.  This software holds many core features that create a great impact on the business. The first and underlying feature of this software is its encrypted database, which is actually a central repository to capture customer information on daily basis.

In retail and e-commerce sector where customer lands to get product and services, it becomes significant to record end-to-end customer data and information so that better, effective and on the spot, service can be provided. As Leading CRM System captures customer data, the administrator gives its access to authorised employees who deal with the customers.

Once the customer interacts with employee, entire existing details of customer get reflected on the computer screen. In this way, customer does not need to explain the whole matter again the again. As a result, customer service gets improved. Gradually, customer flow also gets soared, which leads to enhancement in the productivity of company.

As we come to other essential functions of Customer Relationship Software, it can be easily integrated with the existing server system of company, you get remote access to customer data as it is cloud-based system, and it has a simple and state-of-the-art interface that eases employee to operate it.

As it has various function modules, various functional requirements of organisation can be covered easily. By providing customer history, it helps sale & marketing department to generate the sales reports. Indeed, CRM Software is the great source of information that lets users to operate the entire business process digitally.
HRMS Software

HRMS Software enables HR Manager in performing HR activities easily. This software is dedicated to accomplishing HR tasks such as creating payroll, tracking the performance of employees, storing information of employees, and creating a future staff. HRMS stores all data related to company on a common server so that authorized users can access it anytime.

The basic objective of HRMS Software is to manage payroll of employees. This software tracks attendances of employees and builds payment accordingly. You can create payroll either monthly, weekly, or daily according to your need. As this software tracks employee performances, the company can detect potential employees and this information proves to be useful at the time of promotion or approving appraisal.

The security feature of Human Resource Management System Software protects stored data against unauthorized access. The only authorized user can access company data after entering valid credentials. If any unauthorized user tries to access the data, the system blocks automatically. As this system stores data on a common electronic server, any authorized user can access required information round the clock.

Human Resource Management System Software brings company one step forward near to e-governance. It provides an exact estimation about the hiring of future staff. At the time of need, required employees are hired. This feature ensures an uninterrupted supply of employees within the company. This software stores employee details on the server so that the company can have every required information about employees. Considering benefits, HRMS software has become an intrinsic part of every organization.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Considering its benefits, the use of ERP Software Systems has been increased over the time. It provides the best control on any size of the business by tracking payments, invoices, sales, deals, orders, inventories, and stocks including human resources. Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology introduces this system at highly reduced cost.

ERP Software Systems is not just a software used to moderate functions of a company but is a total package of essential softwares such as DMS, HRMS, CRM, and accounting software. The purpose behind the creation of this software is to ease the functioning of a company.

ERP Solution Providers

GATT has secured its topmost place among ERP Solution Providers by providing proficient ERP software. Using the features of DMS software, this software stores every data of company on a common server so that every authorized can access the data instantly while in need. Using the feature of CRM software, it tracks customers by storing their details and interactions. The company builds a better relationship with its customers using the stored data. This feature allows a company to track purchases of customers. 

Using the features of HRMS software, it tracks human resources within the company and ensures uninterrupted supply of the needed workforce. The company can track the performance of every employee easily. ERP solution provides assistance in activities related to accounting. Creating inventories has become quite easier using this software. For a better and quick growth of the company, it is advised to use ERP software. It is a cost-effective way to manage and administrate a company.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The main objective of Electronic Document Management System Software crafted by GA technocare technology is to accelerate workflow of company by centralising company document under one roof. Its common database contains vast storage space, where one can store entire sensitive documents of company in an encrypted form. Keeping employee ease into notice, this software stores information in a well-organised way by indexing the document managing metadata.

Here is a list of top advantages of adopting and implementing Digital Document Management Software in the organisation;

·         It has improved collaboration between the associated departments
·         Document security has been improved with the advent of DMS software
·         DMS software provides central access to all documents
·         It’s a cost-effective software
·         Holds the calibre to accelerate work processes
·         Provide cloud-storage to protect the document in event of system crashes

In this contemporary world, every business seeks to stay ahead with its competitors by implementing advanced software. Electronic Document Management System Software is one such software system that has helped to increase the work capacity of company to a big extent. This software has played vital role in reducing human effort by automating most of the business functions.

GA Technocare Technology has put all resources and latest technologies to make this software more advanced so that functions of business can be performed in a faster way. The credit of developing state-of-the-art DMS Software goes to a team of developers established by GATT. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur, or an established business professional who want to manage and organise expanding volume of documents, kindly have candid chat with our expert’s team. 
Human resource management software is developed to carry out rigorous day to day HR activities. Its advent has altered the way of HR functions as it caters most of the HR needs. No matter whether it is a leave management, attendance management, or payroll management, HRM software easily executes all such activities. 

Human resource is one of the busiest department that has a responsibility to take care of employee salary and reimbursement. Moreover, handling recruitment related tasks is another priority of the HR manager. Performing all these activities manually is indeed complex task. The Human resource management system software designed by GATT has various module where most of the HR activities can be performed digitally. Users simply need to update the employee information. This software automatically manages the activities. 

Human Resource Management System

Needless to say, HRMS software connects the HR to information technology. It has digitalised the entire department. Besides assisting HR manager, it also helped the employee by offering Employee-Self-Service feature that eases employee to manage their personal information like name, address and contact number. Alongside, it enables employee to send leave request. Often, employee face trouble when it comes to get reimbursement. HRMS software offers benefit administration feature that helps to ensure that employee has gotten reimbursement on time. 

Performance of employees also can be reviewed by HR manager. The manager only needs to tap into employee information from its centralised database. GATT has taken a smart step into development of much needed Human Resource Management System so that HR needs can be accomplished. Hence, we invite HR professionals to consider us to get the best HRMS software

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

HR Software
GA Technocare Technology introduces Human Resource Management Software that is able to assist in maintaining a required workforce in a company. Inbuilt features of this software provide the needed options by using which an exact estimation can be created regarding the hiring of staffs so that the company may run smoothly without the lack of necessary staff.

For an HR, it is really a tough job to create payroll of working employees. HR Software creates payroll automatically and records attendances and leaves too with the precision. This software has cut a significant workload from business and this is the reason that the software has become an intrinsic element of every business.

Keeping documents of employees is a required task in a business so that the company may know everything about the employee. Human Resource Management System works great towards gathering information about employees. This system stores personal information and academic details of every employee. The company can track the assignments given to employees and their performances regarding the project or assignment.

If you own a small business and want a dedicated HR software for your business, just remember GATT offers HR Software for small business too. To meet your requirements, a customized software can be provided to by this IT Company. Human Resource Management Software provides an effective way to work according to the hierarchical structure of company. Through this system, planning an event becomes easy as it gives an appropriate estimation.
Considering the benefits of ERP Software System, it has become an essential part of every business nowadays. This system provides a full grip over any kind of business by providing various features in just a single suit, for instance, tracking of resources and stocks, storing of customer details, and creating payroll.

Being an IT Company, GA Technocare Technology provides ERP Software Systems that have cut the workload of organizations significantly. This software works equivalent to many employees. Just guess, for a proper management of documents, resources, and stocks, at least three employees would be needed. But using this proficient system, only one employee would be able to manage all this effortlessly. This system has proved to be cost-effective.

It can be said that ERP Solution is an integrated package of various useful software such as Document management, Human resources management, Customer relationship management, and accounting software. This system works efficiently to perform many tasks. It stores employees details on a dedicated centralized server from where the authorized person can access details anytime just by providing the required credentials on the server. This feature of ERP saves the money that could be spent on stationaries items for storing documents.

ERP Solution is known for tracking stocks and resources to make sure that the company does not run out of stock or workforce. This feature creates the possibility of uninterrupted service by the company. With the feature of CRM, it assures a better relationship with the existing customers and clients.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nowadays, Documents are managed in a digital way in most of the organisations with the help of various software systems. Digital DMS System Software designed by one of the most popular Software Development Company GA technocare technology is kind of software that holds the calibre to overhaul existing document management system of your organisation. Because it contains a vast and common database, where expanding volume of organisational data can be managed and distributed easily. 

Keeping data safe is not only its single job. One can do classification of data. Likewise, documents can be indexed according to its type. Providing document security is another critical feature of our Cloud Based Document Management Software

As whole documents remain on the cloud, chances of data loss in the event of system crashes get negligible. In addition, accessing documents is quite simple because of its customer-oriented and state-of-the-art interface. Its good document retention ability makes it’s an outstanding software. 

Over the years, GATT is offering such sorts of software for business professionals. Our job does not end with the software delivery. We take care of you by providing post delivery services. Accordingly, if you feel that your software need maintenance, you can directly have words with our expert’s team. 
Coming to other features of the Digital Document Management System Software, it has improved, faster, flexible search feature, which helps to access to the targeted document quickly. Using our Cloud Based Document Management Software, one can easily retrieve the documents without leaving their desk because it stores whole data on its common database. 

HRMS Software
As we use gadgets to simplify the tasks, organisations use software to ease the daily activities and to enhance the business growth. Human Resource Management Software is one such software that has altered the way of HR functioning. By the arrival it, the entire HR department has been digital. Likewise, paper-based records have been eliminated.   Employee information database is the core of software, which allows HR manager to perform all HR activities at one place, which include payroll system, leave management, attendance management, report generation, and recruitment process. 

From employee point of view, it eases employee to manage their own information by using its Employee Self-Service feature. Payroll system is the significant function of this Human Resource Management System. This helps to make sure that employees are paid on time without any complications. Even, this software helps to provide reimbursement on time. 

As this software records whole details of the employee, one can easily review the performance of employees. In this regard, employee gets appraisal on time. It also cuts down the overhead costs of the department, which spends on hiring unnecessary workforce. Needless to say, HRMS Software has overhauled the functioning of HR department. Companies invest huge resources on recruitment process in search of quality candidates for the organisation. Collecting details manually wastes crucial office hours.

On the other hand, it has transformed the recruitment process. Human Resource Management Software helps to record candidate information, which helps to the find quality candidate. Our company has designed this software using the best available resources. This software covers all basic functions of HR department. In case you want us to add any special module as per your specific business needs, that also can be added. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

For a regular and rapid growth of a company, it is required to have relationship maintained with customers. As long as the customer will get better services, will not leave the company. Providing better service is not a tough task if you work towards satisfactory deliverance. Customer CRM Software assists you in reaching to this objective effortlessly.
Using CRM Management Software, it is easy to store customers’ details so that instant interactions can be made in order to resolve their queries. CRM stores details on a centralized dedicated server so that you can access the stored data anytime just by connecting to the server. The security feature of this software keeps your data in an encrypted form so that no unauthorized person can look into it to steal details.

GA Technocare Technology offers the most versatile CRM Software For Small Business that performs more functions than just storing customer information. This software is able to track your company financially and it will give you an insight into the progress of sales and deals by your company. By briefing the real condition of company, it enables you to take a better decision for your company.
Client Relationship Management Software creates a detailed record of client contacts. This feature enables you to stay in touch with your clients so that your company does not lose old clients. Using this software, sales, deals, orders, quotations, and payments can be handled easily. As this software deals with many accounting and financial activities, it saves time and proves to be cost-effective.